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How to Check a Domain Name If There Is Available or Not?

Hi friends, think you are going on well. I’m back again with a new topic for you. Our today’s lesson is on about checking a Domain Name in online. Ok, let’s start.

Having a website is very important, you know, especially well known to the people who are touched in Information technology. For branding some of our products, advertising of any product, branding of ourselves somehow, making money online, downloading something we need, getting important information and many more activities deserve a website. But this is not enough to have a website only, it deserves something more. Your website name must sound well, be easy in pronunciation, show good in Google search result etc are considered good qualities of a website.
And you should better realize these things of course before making your site. And this is for, you have to check desired Domain Name in online. It’ very easy but unfortunately you may not know. Ok, don’t hesitate, I’m showing how you will do it. You can do your domain searching using some of the sites like,,, etc. I have chosen for this lesson.
Open your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on)
Go to
In the Search Domain button Write the domain name what you want to search and click on Search Domain.
If your desired domain is possessed by someone before, it shows “ is taken, what about one of these?”
As it is not available, you can search for another one.
And this time if your searched domain is available, it shows “Yes! Your domain is available. Plus a few more” that means you have got the domain you are searching for. Now you can buy it from here.
If your desired domain is not available, you can change the extension (Such as .org, .info, .net, .tube, .co, .stream, .guru etc) and search again, perhaps this time you have been successful.
Remember, if you Click or put Tick mark on any of the extensions of the Extensions List, then search result will show you domains as per selected extension.
Ok, this is all. Thanks for staying with me and now continue for searching domains what you are looking for to make a website for you. Best wishes.

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