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Facebook is a media or medium? An unsettled question

A huge number of people around the world use facebook. How much it achieves popularity needs no tell. But, there is a question, somehow in its users, is facebook a medium or media? What would be better to say- facebook is a social media or a social medium?
Everyone knows medium is a singular word, on the contrary, media is its plural form. As per this consideration facebook is a social medium. But using facebook as social medium, most of the people think it sounds awkward. Then it creates a dilemma to use word media or medium for facebook.

According to Wikipedia, Social media are computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. (authority and vanity, 2016)
Well, this definition informs us about social media’s plurality as it uses term technologies. But it doesn’t make a straight answer on the debate.
In search of answers of this question I explored some blogs and sites recently. There are also a mixed opinions on the issue. Someone wants to call facebook as medium and other wants to call media.
Case Studies:
One of the writers I explored was making his thesis on social media and nonprofits. His professor argued that in his academic paper he should use the singular social medium. But the guy thought it as awkward. Then he asked what he should actually.
The answers from different persons were like that:
Answer 1: Facebook is a social medium, in that it is one social network. But social media is an over-arching term for the type of website, service, or tool.
Answer 2: I think describing Facebook as a social medium is bizarre. I think it is better described as ‘an example of social media‘ or ‘an example of a social media site‘.
Answer 3: My instinct would be that it should be “media” rather than “medium“, but then I’m not a professor. It seems to me that “media” would not be an exception to the rule, but rather is in agreement with it. There are multiple different media. Facebook is qualitatively different to Twitter, which is different again to Reddit. (Captain_Ligature, 2013)
So, can you imagine how much is the dispute on this issue? No straight or established answer came on using facebook as media or medium. As my own opinion as per grammatical use facebook should be medium as it is singular. Awkwardness!! Funny, I find no awkwardness in calling fcebook medium. It’s psychological, the problem, I think lies in our mentality, in our view. Ok, no more disputes, we call facebook as social networking website, social networking site, social media site in supplement.

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