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How to Configure/Change IP Address on Your Computer in Windows 7 or Windows 10

It’s very natural to use internet if you are a user of computer. Moreover, the present time is going through the age of technology. So, to keep pace with the modern civilization you almost must be user of technology as well as internet. And when it comes the term of internet, there appear some related terms like, WiFi, Broadband, Settings, IP Address etc etc.

Normally as you order, someone make your internet connection ok, that’s fine. And when you fall in any difficulty in the flow of your internet using specially in situation when you set up new windows in your device, you must call the authority to repair your internet settings again. Honestly said, it’s boring.
Think for a while you are expert to set up your IP Address on internet connection and you can do it in your own way, you need not wait for someone to visit. Wow! It’s just wow.
Today, I try to make you solvent to do it by yourself. So, I’m going to show you how to configure your IP Address in your computer (desktop or laptop).
IP Configure is such a thing that enables your computer in performing with internet. What you have to do in doing this is mentioned here:
1. Contact your Internet connection provider for an IP. It may be new or old one.

2. Go to Control Panel on your computer.

3. Find Network and Internet. Click on View network status and tasks/ Open Network and Sharing Center (As it appears on your device).
You can find it also on Network Icon on bottom bar of your PC. Keep mouse pointer on this network icon and click right button of your mouse.
4. Click Change Adapter Settings

5. Then go to the properties of Ethernet. To explore there you have to keep your mouse pointer on Ethernet and press right button of your mouse and click Properties.

6.Now you will find a Dialogue Box. Find out Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) on there, Select this and click Properties.
7. Another box will be appeared then. Click Use the following IP address button.

8. Now it’s term to fill up your IP. Fill up the numbers what you have got from your internet service provider. After filling up all the numbers accurately click ok.
You have finished all your tasks. Check your Internet. Hope you will enjoy it now. Bye bye for today. See you again with another topic to discuss.

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