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How to earn from Facebook || Make money with Facebook Account

Earn on Facebook !! It’s a social media, it can’t be possible. No, don’t think like that. Now it’s really possible to make money with Facebook and you can do it if you are interested & tactful a little bit. Facebook Authorities are about to launch this opportunity to their community. So guys, it’s the time to discuss about how to make money from our activities on Facebook.
Facebook considers letting users add a Tip Jar to make money from Posts. Tip Jar is a place where fans can tip you money. Morever, there would be Donate Option which allows fans to donate to a charity you choose. Feature Call to Action Button would be place that says Buy Tickets or Sign Up for More on your posts. And There will be option named Revenue Share which helps you to receive a share of revenue generated by ads in your posts.

Firstly you have to bear in mind no authority gives you money without leaving you any struggles or efforts. So, this is a question what thing we have to have in earning money on Facebook? Well, making money on Facebook, popularity is one of best things what is good to mention.
How it works?
Actually your Facebook Popularity gives you the opportunity to sell or promote any product of companies. So, the motto is to help in selling products or advertising the product will make money to your Facebook Account.
The formula works like that: The Targeted Traffic + Highly Related Products = $
How the formula works?
Facebook gives you a platform to gather targeted traffic or visitors on your page in terms of interests, online behaviors, age, adult or children and so on. In this way your profile or your page direct the huge number of traffics to the products or advertisements and motivate them to buy these products. That’s the thing, it works as well as website visiting and make impressions on advertisements.
At this moment you should bear in mind that you can earn by posting on Facebook doesn’t mean that Facebook currently offer individual way to earn by posting. It just has allowed publishers to sell advertising inside its fast-loading instant articles format and recently clarified rules allowing posts sponsored by brands to be shared by verified pages. Facebook also launched Testing Ads Service within the suggestions that pop up after someone watches video, sharing money with publishers.
What you have to do to make money on Facebook?
You have to create a Facebook Page under a profitable niche. Then promote it, increase fans and promote highly related products on it.
When a Facebook Page is called Profitable Niche?
A profitable niche has to have some qualities. Firstly, it has to be large in quantity. That means the page has to have a good number of people. A page of 50k is considered as big. Secondly, the fans of the page should be almost in same categories or desperate in almost same interest. Mind it, you have to create your page and fans like that way. For example, you can create a page on Human Health Tips or on Technological Solution etc.
When your page gathers a number of people, it should be calculated if….
Your page has to have a lot of engagement and comments (such as every post has more than 150 likes).
How many people saw your post a day.
What is the total number of viewers everyday.
How much of your video people watch.
How many people follow you after viewing your post.
After successfully created your page, find Highly Related Products and Promote it. If your chosen products are highly related to your page and fans it could be better in getting better traffics. You can use Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission Junction for better sources for the purposes. It should be recommended to contact with the products owner before using it on your page. You can send an email the owners for a review copy. In this process you will get more credit as a good understanding is committed between your page and the products owners and they will be happy with the process.
Thanks for keeping the article of mine. Be prepared to grab money from Facebook in which you leave a good deal of time a day.

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