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How to take ‘Screen-Shot’ on your computer || Tips for taking ‘Screen-Shot’

Hi Guys, here I’ll try to inform you some tips that are related to our information technology or our online work.
Many of us have a computer to use and usually we operate it. But sorry to say, there are some essential things regarding operating this computer which we avoid or ignore or sometimes totally are unknown to us. Taking ‘Screen-Shot‘ is such kind of thing.
Screen-Shot is taking an image from your desktop or laptop without using any extra camera. It’s not only for entertainment but is very important in some cases.

Today, I will show you how to take a ‘Screen-Shot‘ from your PC. It’s very simple but unfortunately unknown to you. Well, here is the ways how to perform it:
1. Firstly open the Page or Image you want to take a screenshot from.
2. Press ‘ctrl‘ and ‘ins prt sc‘ button in a body on your keyboard. ‘ctrl’ means control button and ‘ins prt sc’ means print screen button. Different names may be appeared on different types of keyboard. Don’t hesitate, you will easily find it. After pressing the buttons if there is a command box, you can cancel or quit it. Remember, you are copying your screen by this step.
3. Then open Paint. You can find it by searching or Start Button on your PC.
4. Now paste (ctrl+v) or (from right button on your mouse) what you copied.
5. On the paint page click ‘Crop‘ and then by dragging your mouse crop the part you want to keep.
6. Click ‘Crop‘ again.
7. Then ‘Save‘ button for saving your work.
That’s all. Thanks for reading the article. It will be glad if it fulfills your need a little bit. Stay with me for getting the tips important to you whatever less or more.

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