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Facebook is a media or medium? An unsettled question

A huge number of people around the world use facebook. How much it achieves popularity needs no tell. But, there is a question, somehow in its users, is facebook a medium or media? What would be better to say- facebook is a social media or a social medium? Everyone knows …

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How to Create a Youtube Channel?

Hello guys, it’s Tareque Imtiaze with you as usual. Today I’m going to show you a simple but very important thing and that is to make a Youtube Channel for your own. Why do you make a Youtube channel now may be a question in you. Well, you know Youtube …

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How to Check a Domain Name If There Is Available or Not?

Hi friends, think you are going on well. I’m back again with a new topic for you. Our today’s lesson is on about checking a Domain Name in online. Ok, let’s start. Having a website is very important, you know, especially well known to the people who are touched in …

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